Even if it is difficult to go to the hearing venue due to COVID-19 prevention measures, a virtual hearing may be implemented by connecting to the arbitration tribunal or the other party from JIDRC-Tokyo or JIDRC-Osaka. It is also possible to have an uncrowded hearing by connecting the hearing room or breakout room of both or either of JIDRC-Tokyo and/or JIDRC-Tokyo.

JIDRC-Tokyo and JIDRC-Osaka is equipped with the following equipment suited to virtual hearing.

◆ Videoconference system suited to virtual hearing

―It is equipped with the major videoconference platforms (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Skype), enabling it to respond to the various demands of each arbitration agency and the parties.

―The videoconference system at the hearing room can project images taken by cameras established in multiple locations.

―Large screens divided up for each arbitrator and party, etc. can be projected on a large-screen monitor at both JIDRC-Tokyo and JIDRC-Osaka. The size of the main monitor in the hearing room of JIDRC-Tokyo is type 120 (width 2656mm × height 1494mm), and the main monitor in the hearing room of JIDRC-Osaka is about the same as JIDRC-Tokyo.

―At the hearing room of JIDRC-Tokyo, separate images can be projected on the main monitor and the small portable monitors (iPad) which are equipped in multiple quantities. For instance, it is possible to project each party and the arbitration panel on the main monitor and to project the script described below on the small monitor.

―At JIDRC-Osaka, images may be projected not only on the main monitor but also on the screen of the personal computer at hand which is installed on the desk

◆ Wifi service enabling the stable transmission and receipt of images and sound

―It is equipped with high speed wifi, and images and sound can be transmitted and received from multiple locations in a stable manner.

◆ Use of real-time script preparation service

―At JICRC-Tokyo, the script may be prepared real-time by the live script equipment with which it is installed.

◆ Use of simultaneous interpretation service

―At the hearing room, simultaneous interpretation service may be used by using the simultaneous interpretation room and equipment, etc..

◆ Affordable usage fees

―It is possible to use the services at an affordable price, since the usage fees of the hearing room of JIDRC include the usage fees of wifi, videoconference system, individual monitors, and simultaneous interpretation room and equipment (and in the case of JIDRC-Tokyo, also the script equipment).
*Please arrange for the interpreters and the scripters yourselves.

Any inquiries related to the virtual hearing at JIDRC should be sent to info@idrc.jp